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Announcing the Release of FxMath AI Base Trader Gold EA Version 1.1

Dear Traders,

I am pleased to announce that version 1.1 of the FxMath AI Base Trader Gold EA has been released. This version includes some minor bug fixes, and I highly recommend that you download and replace your old version with this one. You can download the new version from this link:

If you do not have a license, you can purchase a lifetime license for $69 via crypto or $97 via cards and PayPal. To buy with crypto, use this link:

To buy with cards/paypal, use this link:[1][id]=71355

But wait, I have an exclusive offer with a huge discount just for you

Are you looking for a complete trading solution that can help you achieve your financial goals? The FxMath Golden Package might be just what you need! This package includes six powerful tools:

  • FxMath AI Trader (MT4)
  • FxMath Harmonics Patterns Scanner (MT4)
  • FxMath Harmonics Patterns Scanner (MT5)
  • FxMath Harmonics Patterns Predictor (MT4)
  • FxMath Harmonics Patterns Predictor (MT5)
  • FxMath Harmonics Patterns EA (MT4)

The FxMath AI Trader is an advanced trading robot that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze market conditions and make profitable trades. It has been specifically designed for use with MT4 and is fully automated, making it easy to use for traders of all levels.

The FxMath Harmonics Patterns Scanner is another useful tool that can help you identify harmonic patterns in the market, giving you an edge in your trading. It is available for both MT4 and MT5 and is incredibly accurate, making it a must-have for any serious trader.

The FxMath Harmonics Patterns Predictor is a powerful predictive tool that can help you anticipate future market movements with a high degree of accuracy. It is also available for both MT4 and MT5 and uses advanced algorithms to analyze historical data and make predictions about the future.

Finally, the FxMath Harmonics Patterns EA is an expert advisor that uses harmonic patterns to make profitable trades automatically. It is fully customizable and can be used with any trading style or strategy.

The regular price for the FxMath Golden Package is $199 if paid by crypto, but for a limited time, you can get it for just $149! That’s a huge discount on some of the most powerful trading tools available today. To take advantage of this special offer, simply use this payment link:

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your trading to the next level! With the FxMath Golden Package, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in the markets and achieve your financial goals.

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