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Combination of FxMath Scanner & Predictor Example


In this short article I will show you how to combine FxMath Scanner & FxMath Predictor. Sometimes we lost some Harmonic Patterns and trade those, but FxMath Predictor provides some opportunists to trade those patterns.

Let review one example:

Chart XPTUSD, H4, 2019.01.22 18:59 UTC, Divisa UK Limited, MetaTrader 4, Demo

This is one expired @Gartley pattern.

XPTUSD,H4: [email protected]: 824.68, StopLoss: 832.72, TakeProfit_1: 810.22, TakeProfit_2: 797.61, TakeProfit_3: 788.71

This pattern hit 3rd Takeprofit and made 362 pips profit. Now question is price moves down and reach to lower prices or not?

First we check our Fibonacci ratios:

Draw Fibonacci retrenchment from X to A:

Chart XPTUSD, H4, 2019.01.22 19:05 UTC, Divisa UK Limited, MetaTrader 4, Demo

price reached to 61.8%(D) Fibonacci and reversed and hit our 3rd TakeProfit.

Now let draw one Fibonacci Extension. X,A,D

Chart XPTUSD, H4, 2019.01.22 19:10 UTC, Divisa UK Limited, MetaTrader 4, Demo

So price from X went to A, next 61.8% retraced to D and now moving down and high chance reach 100% Fibo.

Now we use FxMath Predictor and check different scenarios.

Chart XPTUSD, H4, 2019.01.22 19:14 UTC, Divisa UK Limited, MetaTrader 4, Demo

It finds one @Butterfly Incomplete pattern in down trend.

@XPTUSD(240) – Pattern : Butterfly – Target : 758.84

So as you see our predicted “D” is too close to our 100% Fibonacci Expansion. You can trade this Sell(short) and put TakeProfit in “D” point.

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