Smart Algorithmic Trading Solution


TimeFrame: H1
Price: Free



Total net profit: 3634.17
Maximal drawdown: 1136.68 (9.28%)
Profit trades (% of total): 327 (52.66%)

Strategy Details:



Remove All Advertisements From Chart For Only 14.99$

How to disable Advertisements:

After you make payment and it confirmed by our merchant, you will receive one email from merchant include unique Reference Number. Copy this Reference Number from your Email and Paste in Your EA settings and in “Reference_Number” and press Ok.

After confirmed your license by our server all Advertisements and Popups will remove from your EA for ever. This license is lifetime and only works for only one EA and one PC. You can run unlimited accounts in same PC by only one license without any limitation. License is one time use and cannot use for another EA or PC, so for more PC or EAs, you must purchase new license.
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