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How To Trade Basket Trading With FxMath AI Trader Dashboard

In FxMath AI Trader Dashboard we have trade buttons on the chart for Open Trade for single pair, all signals for one Time Frames, or open all signals on the chart.

Dashboard supports Close all open trades at certain pips or percent of the balance.

How to Open Basket:

Select one, two, or 3 TFs( I recommend trading H4 TF these days)

In EA settings choose a fixed lot size for trading. For each 1000$ balance, 0.01 lot per trade is a good number.

Press “Open All H4 Signals” button, EA opens all H4 trades automatically and modifies SL/TP.

Enable Profit_Close_All_At_Pip=True in settings.

Profit_Close_At_Pip=100 For US session 150 is good and UK session and others 100

The best opening basket is beginning UK and US session.

When you have open trades, please keep open your MT4 or run Dashboard on VPS.

Basket Trading settings for H4

Some Closed Basket Examples:

Each basket closed with a minimum of 150 pips profit automatically by Dashboard.

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