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FxMath Cyrus Trader EA

FxMath Cyrus Trader

7 Unique Strategies For Each Trading Pair
Generated By Machine Learning Technology
Deep Learning & LSTM Beased Strategy
Time Frame: Hourly(H1)



EA features:

  • EA Auto Installer
  • Matatrader 4 Platform
  • User Manual
  • Friendly EA Setting
  • Money Management Function
  • Works with all build +600
  • Life time update
  • Automatically EA Updates
  • 7 unique strategy for 7 majors pair


What is LSTM that FxMath Cyrus Based on:
Long short-term memory (LSTM) is a recurrent neural network (RNN) architecture (an artificial neural network) proposed in 1997 by Sepp Hochreiter and Jürgen Schmidhuber. Like most RNNs, an LSTM network is universal in the sense that given enough network units it can compute anything a conventional computer can compute, provided it has the proper weight matrix, which may be viewed as its program. Unlike traditional RNNs, an LSTM network is well-suited to learn from experience to classify, process and predict time series when there are very long time lags of unknown size between important events. This is one of the main reasons why LSTM outperforms alternative RNNs and hidden Markov models and other sequence learning methods in numerous applications. For example, LSTM achieved the best known results in unsegmented connected handwriting recognition, and in 2009 won the ICDAR handwriting competition. LSTM networks have also been used for automatic speech recognition, and were a major component of a network that in 2013 achieved a record 17.7% phoneme error rate on the classic TIMIT natural speech dataset.As of 2016, major technology companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Baidu are using LSTM networks as fundamental components in new products.


Advantage using several strategies in one account:
  • Control drawn down and reduce that
  • Making continuous profit
  • Safe trading due using different pairs
  • Safe trading due using different strategies
  • Control account free margin
  • Smaller standard division of profit





Our Strategies will update every 2-3 months if LSTM algorithm finds current strategy is not profitable. So if market changes, we will change our strategies and trading according market. Our maximum StopLoss and TakeProfit are 150 Pips. Our algorithm is trying to control  DrawnDown very small and make continuously profit. 



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In the event we are unable to accord you product support or we are unable to fix a bug in the software within a reasonable time, you are entitled to our 30-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. Your account will be credited promptly.
You are also entitled to a 12 Months Performance guarantee. What does this mean? If metaquotes were to do some changes like they did with build 600. You are entitled to a free update within one year from your date of purchase.

Price: 199 USD


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