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FxMath AI Trader Dashboard

FxMath AI Trader Dashboard

Trade Different Symbols On One Chart

Open Trade By Press Only One Click

Easy Setup. No Need for Any Forex Skills

Support Money Management Function

Trade Anytime. No Need to Run on VPS

Machine Learning Strategy

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

In our model, we are using Reinforcement Learning(RL). RL is a branch of Machine learning.

Reinforcement learning is an area of machine learning concerned with how software agents ought to take actions in an environment so as to maximize some notion of cumulative reward. Due to its generality, the field is studied in many other disciplines, such as game theory, control theory, operations research, information theory, simulation-based optimization, multi-agent systems, swarm intelligence, statistics, and genetic algorithms. In machine learning, the environment is typically represented as a Markov decision process (MDP). Many reinforcement learning algorithms use dynamic programming techniques. Reinforcement learning algorithms do not assume knowledge of an exact mathematical model of the MDP and are used when exact models are infeasible. Reinforcement learning algorithms are used in autonomous vehicles or in learning to play a game against a human opponent.

FxMath AI Trader Dashboard Features:

  • Scans and Generates trading signals automatically
  • Open trade with one click
  • Set Hard Stoploss and Takeprofit
  • Money Management Function
  • Trailing Function
  • Support Basket Trading
  • Smart close all trades in a certain percent of the balance
  • Smart close all trades in a certain cumulative pip
  • Trails single trade and cumulative profit
  • Signals for M30, H1, and H4 timeframes
  • Trade anytime, any market and session
  • Working with any brokers support MetaTrader4
  • Lifetime license and updates

Latest Signals and Results :

This package includes FxMath AI Trader BackTester EA. This EA backtests previous trading baskets and shows results on the chart.

FxMath AI Trader BackTester no need any license and you can try it for free.

We trade a basket of trades(different pairs) and when profit reaches a certain percentage of profit or pips, close all open trades.

A basket of H4 trades

FxMath AI Trader Dashboard support trailing function for trails single trade or cumulative profit.

Different Trailing Values
A example of Basket Profit

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If you like to trade professionally by advanced strategy, FxMath AI Trader Dashboard is your best choice. We offer ultimate support for our package, release reports from executed trades, improving and update EA always. You can purchase this great package and enjoy your green profits.

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