Smart Algorithmic Trading Solution

FxMath Portfolio Trader

Minimum 50% Profit Annually With Max Drawn Down 5%
Each Portfolio Include 15-30 EAs With Unique Strategies
Lowest Draw Dawn With Highest monthly Profit
Optimizing And Updating Strategies Monthly
Strategies With Lowest Correlation Together
Trade All Strategies From Only One Chart
More Than 10 Pairs


How works FxMath Portfolio Trader:

Every month I develop minimum 5000 unique strategies for more than 10 pairs:












EAs develop according to Artificial Intelligence method. I make models for a specific period for example 24 months and next test this model for 12 months. The models passed all our requirements, will select for our 500 EAs basket. In next step, try to find best combinations and portfolio include 15-20 EAs with the lowest correlation between trades. After generating portfolios find the best portfolio with the highest Return/Draw Down and lowest Draw Down.  Now portfolio must optimize for minimum 24 months and next predict future trades by Monte Carlo simulation. If Monte Carlo simulation results are satisfactory and positive, portfolio converts to MT4 EA.

Each month I repeat above steps to find the best and optimized strategies for my portfolio.


Expected Minimum Profit and Maximum Drawn Down:

According to model and our forwarding test, we expect Return/DD>7.
Here I do some calculation for determining Minimum Profit and Maximum DD(Drawn Down):

For account size 10000$, our trading lot size for each EA is 0.05 lot. EA opens maximum 20 trades at the same time, so maximum trading lot size is 1 lot.

LotSize: 0.05 lot, Min Profit(Monthly): 3%(300 USD) and Max DD: 5%(500 USD), Average Profit(Monthly): 10%(1000 USD)
LotSize: 0.10 lot, Min Profit(Monthly): 6%(600 USD) and Max DD: 10%(1000 USD), Average Profit(Monthly): 20%(2000 USD)
LotSize: 0.20 lot, Min Profit(Monthly): 12%(1200 USD) and Max DD: 20%(2000 USD), Average Profit(Monthly): 40%(4000 USD)
LotSize: 0.30 lot, Min Profit(Monthly): 15%(1500 USD) and Max DD: 30%(3000 USD), Average Profit(Monthly): 60%(6000 USD)
LotSize: 0.40 lot, Min Profit(Monthly): 18%(1800 USD) and Max DD: 40%(500 USD), Average Profit(Monthly): 80%(8000 USD)
LotSize: 0.50 lot, Min Profit(Monthly): 21%(2100 USD) and Max DD: 50%(5000 USD), Average Profit(Monthly): 100%(10000 USD)


Live Results:

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You can purchase this Portfolio for a limited time at the price 349$. Portfolio updates every month and all updates are 100% free.

Price: 349 USD





Portfolio Stats


Price: 349 USD



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In the event we are unable to accord you product support or we are unable to fix a bug in the software within a reasonable time, you are entitled to our 30-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. Your account will be credited promptly.
You are also entitled to a 12 Months Performance guarantee. What does this mean? If metaquotes were to do some changes like they did with build 600. You are entitled to a free update within one year from your date of purchase.




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