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FxMath Harmonic Patterns Results – 257 Pips Profit-2023-04-13

 Total Profits: 257 Pips

GBPJPY(M15) Profit: 27 Pips

AUDUSD(M15) Profit: 25 Pips

CADCHF(M15) Profit: 25 Pips

EURCHF(M15) Profit: 18 Pips

AUDJPY(M15) Profit: 26 Pips

GBPCAD(M15) Profit: 24 Pips

EURJPY(M15) Profit: 35 Pips

EURCAD(M15) Profit: 30 Pips

NZDCAD(M15) Profit: 15 Pips

AUDCAD(M15) Profit: 32 Pips

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